Changing perspective

I’m sure many of us would define a medium as someone who ‘talks’ to the dead and reads our energy, right? Someone, unlike regular people, who have a special gift that not many of us have and are born with it, right? What if we would be wrong? I used to work as a medium and are currently back into developing and returning to work as a medium, also as tool within my coaching.

Since I’m back in development I have realized one thing… I have always been a medium and so are you! Just give me a minute to explain because it’s not such a silly thought actually.

Spiritual beings

There is this saying that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, here to learn something. I believe this to be true. I feel we are not limited to this physical body or standard sensory perception. We are able to pick up the unsaid, we are sensitive to pick up emotions without them being shared. Unfortunately, the majority of us have not been raised to maintain that sensitivity, or even an awareness, that we used to have when being a child.

Most of us grow or (unintentionally) raised with a mental approach to life. Most of us have to grow far into adulthood to wake up to their spiritual side and then start to question the big life questions. Also, most of us have been pushed to this interest. Many times after a loss of a loved one, otherwise via an event with such an impact which leaves you with no other choice to rethink the whole reason why you are here. Only then you open your doors to allow the more intuitive side of you… that always was there to begin with.

Our first nature

Being intuitively and/or spiritual side has been considered to be our second nature. That’s a hard disagree for me. That is why this blog is titled ‘We are all mediums’. it’s our first. The big difference is that mediums have come to terms with their spiritual intuitive side earlier than others or started developing it at an earlier stage in life. But we all have this within ourselves.

It’s fair to point out that we are all mediums, but one does have more talent than others. This lays in the line of people who can sing really good, good, really decent, okay to making sounds out of tune. Even those who sing out of tune can enjoy singing though. All this goes for our talent for intuitive skills as well.

Why I said what I said

So I started with that I have been a medium all my life. I am referring to a never ending interest in being human and the fascination of what lies beyond. I was referring to that I invested a lot of time, even money, in developing as both a human AND a spiritual being. This is how I would define a medium: someone who has allowed their spiritual side to manifest more and understands the mechanics of the human side as well. Also not putting a boundary or limit our communication to the source of our brain, but also something bigger than us.

It’s more than connecting from people to people, it’s connecting to perceivable energy which we can call spirit. To some ‘spirit’ is a loaded word but you can also call it energy, consciousness or higher awareness.

Just realize that you are not limited, unless you limit yourself, but much of this life goes beyond space and time…