What is it?

The simplest way I can describe it is that we engage in a conversation with, or rather about you, from a third-person perspective where I help you examine your ‘self’. We engage in a dialogue with the higher or conscious Self about the ‘self’. This might sound too abstract for some, but you can also refer to it as the reflective capacity or reflective voice: the part that observes what is happening within our emotional system.

We then look at your person with their existing experiences from a neutral position. Imagine that I ask your ‘higher Self’ a question and it answers as if you are sharing about your person and the thoughts your person has about current themes.

We’ll engage with the part of you that can look at yourself objectively, that can describe what is going on within you, separate from the ego. THAT is what we will be conversing with!

Inner Voice Work is a composite mix of working with parts, the roles we assume from Voice Dialogue, NLP, and energetic work. It focuses on the relationship WITH our thoughts rather than changing our thoughts. Because we work in a dissociated manner, the sessions are lighter, as you do not delve into your pain but talk ABOUT the pain. It is something you ultimately just have to experience.

It is from a zoomed-out perspective (with the part or voice within us that ‘knows’ and is capable of) objectively examining what you need now to move forward where you have felt stuck in life. By solely focusing on my part as a coach and questioning this wise part within you, you will gain valuable insights without it becoming a heavy session dominated by emotions. You can see it as having a conversation ABOUT your ‘self’ rather than WITH the ‘self’ or the ego. We do not breathe through traumas or the pain to which our ‘self’ is attached.

Themes and/or questions are explored by invoking the knowing and reflective part within us. Simply put: we converse with this part ABOUT your ‘self’ referring to your person. It is a change-your-perception-change-your-life methodology.

When is Inner Voice Work suitable for me?

You want to:Inner Voice Work

  • Reflect more deeply without heavy emotions
  • Painlessly examine events from your life
  • Grow in awareness and consciousness
  • Gain insight into what is truly happening
  • Live more lightly and handle challenges more easily
  • Undergo changes with less effort
  • Experience something beyond regular coaching, aid, and/or service
  • See and recognize where trauma is still present

You can start a session with a theme, a question, or the goal of exploring and investigating what is needed. The invitation is always to remain open-minded, as something might present itself that is truly important. The wise part you step into looks at yourself differently than from the mental representation of yourself. Your wise/higher self is imaginatively invited to step out of your ‘self’, your person, and thus lovingly examine it.

At the end of each session (max one and a half hours), you will have gained valuable insights and more peace. There will also be more understanding, comprehension, and recognition for what your ‘self’ is trying to achieve for you.