Life coach & Medium

Guidance and Development towards your inner spiritual self

Beyond time and space

Everything is a dance between being born, living life and our passing on. Somewhere in between we often forget that we are spiritual beings with a human experience. I help and guide you through my Life coaching and mediumship.

My services can all be done in Dutch if you prefer. Otherwise it’s in English.

Life Coaching

Aimed at you, the person, with the goal to get an insight of who, what adn why you do what you do. Becoming aware of where you stand in the way of yourself and how answers already recide within yourself.

Private Sittings

At this time I offer free private sittings. Because I have been developing in other areas, I have been out of the routine for quite some time, so I would like to gradually get back into it. Therefore sittings will be more of an experimental nature.

Inner Voice Work

Next to Life coaching I want to promote my own method in the near future. I’m still working things out, but soon there will be more info on the site and then I’ll also be looking for people willing to be a test subject.

Most recent blogs (for now still in dutch)

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