Change begins now!

There is no other moment than now to change and start working on changing. I assume you must be tired of always running the same circles, tired of being caught in your head. Know that is human, but knowing isn’t enough. If you want to progress in life, you’ll need to see things as they are. You have the ability to change, but as life will show you: together you’ll get further than on your own. And trust me, it will never happen overnight. THERE’S WORK TO BE DONE! With the Mentoring Program I will use all my experience, knowledge, skills and techniques to provide a transformational experience.

When choosing the Mentoring Program

It’s an online personal program via Zoom. This way I can be of service to anybody in the world. If you’re ready for it but still wonder ‘what’s in it for me?’ I will give you a couple of reasons. When saying ‘yes’ to the program…

You will learn:

  • To see what is real
  • Discover your own mind mechanics
  • Understand your own habits
  • To see and recognize your limiting beliefs
  • Recognize your potential
  • Get into active mode
  • Techniques to self-support
  • To see your potential

It’s a customized experience. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach but one with the upmost respect and honor of who you are. We all have different pasts, we all have different triggers and associations. For one person talking is enough, for the other it could be doing exercises, role playing or homework or a combination.


The Mentoring Program is a set of 4 sessions that take up around 1.5 hrs. Time could be extended if the situation asks for it and will not charge extra for that. JUST IN CASE: If 4 sessions turn out to not be sufficient, we could discuss more and we could also make a special price for extra sessions.