What to expect?

The experience of discovering that all answers to all your questions and struggles lies within. You will discover this by being challenged to reflect upon yourself and find those blind spots that keep you from progressing thus moving forward in life. It provides a natural way for you to find ways to eliminate THAT what is holding you back. This frees up a lot of headspace, allowing more room for peace, awareness and you will live a life more from the heart.

Life Counseling

Life Counseling is a little different than Life coaching. Life coaching is more about setting up certain future goals, things you wish to achieve or want to see in your life. Life Counseling is more about understanding who you are, why you do what you do and getting a grip on your emotions as well. It’s all about reconnecting with that inner voice that knows, is and feels what you really need. I will help you to quite down the chatter in your head, the constant inner critic, the controller, but also to reassure your inner mental protector. I will help you to log into that powerful inner wisdom that come from your heart.

For now you are probably wandering around, in short, with the following:

  • You are aware, conscious, but back inside your head
  • Your present context slows you down
  • You desire to feel again
  • You try to reflect but nothing is put into action
  • You’re in need of a mirror
  • You’re too hard on yourself for not succeeding
  • You were aware, but now you can’t seem to fin your way home
  • You are willing to admit you need help

Me, as Life Counselor, will help you get back to that space of peace, that space that is already there, but you somehow drifted away from it. It’s coaching from a heart-to-heart connection. It will be an experience driven by intuition where my knowledge, experience and skills will be used to give a voice to what needs to be heard and eyes to see what needs to be seen… and to help surface that needs to be surfacing.

The relationship to your Thoughts

It’s often believed that if you want to change, you have to change your thoughts. The downside of that is that you will have thoughts about having thoughts, you will have an opinion about that so that’s another thought… So overthinking sets in and stops you from moving forward.

Life coaching is not just about feeling, but also the relationship towards your thoughts (instead of changing them). This is because you can Duck tape the cracks, but the cracks will still be there underneath the Duck tape, right? But you can’t ignore the cracks, but you can change the perception. This way you will create space for your feelings without having the mind send them away.

You are ready to break that vicious cycle, you are ready to choose my coaching, here, now…


The 1-to-1 sessions are online, via Zoom. This is so I can serve the world! ;-)