What to expect?

The possibility to experience that life and love is continuous and could go beyond space and time. Also that our ability to communicate and perception goes beyond and is not restricted to our physical being. It’s a demonstration of how limitless and boundless love can be. It will support you in times of grief. It will also inspire you  fear life less and it helps you to redefine what might follow after the life you have led.

In case of a loved one

During a sitting I will tune in into the unseen world. It’s the intention make a contact and portray a person, a loved one. As soon as you recognize the contact, more information will follow and a message will be given. medium

Because of the above I request explicitly to NOT tell me who it is you are coming for. Please respect this.

I will always ask to keep an open mind. It could be that you came for a specific loved one, but I’m not evoking spirits and do not decide on which contact to make. You’ll have to trust that you’ll get the contact you need and not always the one you want. This is also how the unseen world operates, this also has to do with the message you’ll need to hear. Nine out of ten times the person you came for will come through, I just want to be transparent and honest with you.

Is it about yourself?

When the sitting is purely for or about yourself (and are open to possibly a contact) you can also book a private sitting. I will tune into your energy and will let manifest/occur that needs to be experienced.

The private sittings go through Zoom. This way I can serve anyone in the world at any place. ;-)

Free for now!

Private sittings are practice sessions right now. I have been away from working as a mediums for a couple of years. I just want to make some milage and get some practice in first so asking to pay doesn’t feel right. When I’m at where i want to be the prize will come down to 47 euros. Do you want to contribute in my development? Then you can use the following button to do so.