The purpose of Inner Voice Work

It’s an opportunity to explore yourself while being detached from the person you identify as you; your persona, from a different perspective. It’s a way to look at yourself from your wise and higher Self to gain insight into the bigger picture and what is required for you to move forward and grow as a person. It is a method intended to help you grow your conscious being and helps you to keep your focus on the things that really matter the most.

In short

Inner Voice Work (IVW) is a customized mix of Voice dialogue, NLP and energy based work. There will be called upon our higher awareness where we will investigate together where our ‘I’ (that directs to our persona) is standing in our way concerning growth and progression. We can also look into themes that you may be unaware of, but do require attention.

You will be guided and invited to literally step out of your ‘I’ and into your higher Self. We will get into a conversation and look into what your persona, your mental representation, needs. The goal is to provide clarity about what is needed or truly matters and contributes to the bigger picture. Finding and starting progression from your own inner wisdom…

We could start a session with a theme or question you brought in, or simply explore and see what is needed in the now. It is always the suggestion to keep an open mind because it could be that something that really matters surfaces. This is because that wise part within looks at our mental representation with a different set of eyes.

At the end of each session you will have had a or more valuable insights and more inner peace. This is because you have more understanding of what your ‘I’ tries to achieve.

The experimentele fase

IVW is a self developed method and I need to do a serious amount of sessions first to test and finetune before I will offer this as a full-paid service. Would you like to participate and experience this new technique? Then you can do so, FREE of charge!

The sessions will be done via Zoom. This is simply so I have more reach and can serve the world.

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