The purpose of Inner Voice Work

It’s an opportunity to explore yourself while being detached from the person you identify with as you; your persona, from a different and objective perspective. It’s a way to look at yourself from your wise and higher Self. It aims to gain insight into the bigger picture within your life and what is required for you to move forward and grow as a person. It is a method intended to help you grow your conscious being and will help you to keep your focus on the things that really matter the most.

What is it?

The easiest way to explain it: We will explore your ‘I’ from a third person perspective. If that isn’t enough explaining, then please continue reading. ;-)

We all (often unconsciously) have multiple inner voices within us that are controlled from our ego. You could break this down into parts of your ‘I’ or classify them as sub-personalities of our ‘I’. You can think of it like a bus where you are the driver and all the parts that makes you YOU are the passengers. In practice,

 you don’t always know which part is behind the wheel or is speaking. A few examples of our ‘I’…

  • The Controller: Above all, don’t lose control, whatever it costs to keep control… Even if it is at the expense of yourself. This part often prevents you from making choices and often writes the doomsday scenarios.
  • The pleaser: Pleasing the other or others to keep the peace or to be liked… It is often the part that says ‘yes’ to everything.
  • The inner critic, our most famous voice, is the one where you are hard on yourself, nothing is ever good enough, or you might think you’re too fat or not attractive.
  • The protector. You would like to do something, but you are afraid of disappointment or pain, so you don’t do it.

These are several examples, but the above ‘voices’ are the most common ones. Since these parts or voices are part of our ‘I’, we are identified with them and often have heavy emotions attached to them. As a coach or facilitator, you could zoom in on a voice, an ‘I’, and explore it to ask what part or role it plays in your life..

Inner Voice Work shows your subjective experiences in the light of an objective observation.

With Inner Voice Work we talk to your/our higher part that oversees all these parts. It is a zoomed-out perspective that “knows” and is able to objectively examine what you need now to move forward from where you got stuck in your life.

By questioning and putting the focus (from my side as a coach) on the wise overseeing part in you, you will gain valuable insights without it becoming a heavy session where emotions predominate. You can think of it as us having a conversation and talking ABOUT your ‘I’ instead of WITH your ‘I’.

We could start a session with a theme or question you brought in, or simply explore and see what is needed in the now. It is always the suggestion to keep an open mind because it could be that something that really matters surfaces. This is because that wise part within looks at our mental representation with a different set of eyes.

At the end of each session you will have had a or more valuable insights and more inner peace. This is because you have more understanding of what your ‘I’ tries to achieve.

Is this for you?

IVW is a self developed method you’ll have to experience before you can grasp the positive impact it has. So, its up to you if this is for you.

The sessions will be done via Zoom. This is simply so I have more reach and can serve the world.

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