A beautiful combination

Raising awareness of Life Counseling and directly working to create space by ’tapping away old pains’… To put it bluntly:

I believe you won’t find depth if there are still painful and slowing obstacles blocking the way. Everything you do not face and work on continues to exist, may continue to sabotage. Understanding how your ‘self’ is put together only has value if you go beyond understanding. For depth, you will need to work through fears, phobias, and/or traumas. Hence, this combination of Life Counseling and EFT tapping!

Together, we’ll look at what is real, what you truly feel, and where there are still blockages in our mind, removing these with the help of EFT tapping. It’s meant to create a mental and emotional balance

On the Life Counseling page, you can read what this entails and on the EFT tapping page alone, you can also read more extensively about EFT.

If you want to go for this combination, you can look at the price and contact to make an appointment. The sessions take place online, so you don’t have to travel!