Connection, Enjoyment and Focus

We all get stuck in life at times. This can be due to choices we make, choices we don’t make, or events that happen to us. What happens to us is beyond our control, but how we deal with it is NOT. This latter aspect is crucial when it comes to the ways in which I can support you.

My philosophy is that everyone already has all the answers within themselves, but they might not always be accessible. Sometimes, it’s because of a complete identification with the problem, or perhaps because you can rationalize everything but still not take action. The best thing you can do when you feel stuck is to seek help… my help. ;-)

I assist and guide you based on my skills as a Life Coach, ACT Coach & my Mentoring Program.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Life Coach

Life Counseling

Aimed at you, the person, with the goal to get an insight of who, what and why you do what you do. Becoming aware of where you stand in the way of yourself and how answers already reside within yourself.

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Mentoring Program

A series of 4 custom made sessions where all my skills are combined to help you transform into a better life. Expect a confrontation with your own brutal honesty, breaking down the barriers you have setup for yourself.

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Non-duality guidance

I offer a one-to-one customized guidance into understanding and implementing Non-duality. It’s like a satsang but then just for you! I’ll answer questions or help you find them yourself. It’s deep level conversing and learning.

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