Advaita Vedanta

Non-duality is the translation of Advaita Vedanta which is the official name of the teachings. A teaching that might seem simple since Advaita Vedanta means one, not two, meaning all is one. But many of you know it goes deeper than that. The teachings are harder to learn or implement on your own. Non-duality raises a lot questions at first because it challenges our duality and the realness of our ‘I’ referring to our person.

It could be a confusing journey since you feel that there is something there for you, but Non-duality could also create, pardon my french, a mindfuck. The mind turns instant rebel because it feels threatened. Especially since it’s reality and existence is being challenged. Yet you feel drawn to Non-duality regardless, while having inner struggles since truth is one of you highest values.

Non-duality guidance

I offer you guidance  in your journey towards truth. It is hard to detach from identity and sometimes even harder to remain objective. That’s where my guidance can assist you. Since we all have our own journey and the level of understanding could be different, the guidance is always organically customized to where you are yourself with both understanding and implementation of living with non-duality. The guidance will be a combination of a one-to-one satsang plus coaching to help you find the answers you often already have within yourself.

If you recognize one or more statements (concerning your development) in the following, then Non-duality guidance is for you.

  • I (still) have questions about non-duality
  • I understand it, but there is resistance
  • I understand it, but how do I live or practice it?
  • I understand it, but I still suffer
  • They say you’re already enlightened, but I don’t feel that
  • My ego is very strong
  • I want to transform my life but am not able to
  • I want to go more in depth but seem to stay on the surface

If you’re interested and need my guidance, then check out the pricing and contact me for an appointment.